Annual Report


Westbrook-RockHill Foundation

To Our Readers,

By all accounts, 2015 was a successful year for the Westbrook-RockHill Foundation. Research-wise we expanded our horizons while still remaining close to our website’s original premise.

While has become more and more of an Internet force for unparalleled information about the geographical area of La Mott and Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, we’ve only begun to demonstrate the power behind our research vision and the Internet’s delivery capabilities – all underpinned by the steadfast commitment of our staff to our site’s success. In 2016 we will build on our momentum, strengthening our ability to achieve informational leadership.

Website Highlights

Our research planning strategy has begun to pay off. In 2015, we:

  • Made plans and arrangements with the Canton Group of Baltimore, MD to migrate our site to the firm of Shapiro Design in Pitman, NJ. This move substantially reduced our website hosting costs.
  • Reviewed the site’s page layout and font sizes to make all pages printable to a standard page 8½’ X 11”.
  • Strengthened our core operations by our use of standardized processes for delivering our research results to our programmer and then to the website.
  • Solidified our relationship with other historians and historical societies.
  • Planned and delivered several lectures in Cheltenham and La Mott on various black history topics.

Westbrook-RockHill Foundation Code of Conduct

The Westbrook-RockHill Foundation is committed to conducting, the website it supports ethically and with integrity. We believe that integrity is the sum of the ethical performance of the people of our organization. Our Code of Conduct, first adopted with the initial concept of the content of our organization and the website, has been continually updated to reflect the values of our entire staff and the work they produce.

The Westbrook-RockHill Foundation Directors

William F. Chambrés
Founder and Editor in Chief of the website. In 2005, “Bill” Chambrés was designated as the Historian Laureate for La Mott PA by the Cheltenham Board of Commissioners. He is a member of the American Historical Association, the Company of Military Historians, the Organization of American Historians and the Society of Military History.

He is a resident of La Mott, Pennsylvania

Daniel Holstrom
Vice President,

Harvey Portner
Co-Founder of the Professional Healthcare Institute and former Board President of the Cheltenham Township Board of Commissioners. During his tenure as a Commissioner he lived in and represented Ward 3 which included La Mott, PA

Frederick C. Foard, M.B.A. – Director

Richard H. Utley, President, Utley Associates – Director

Norman “Gunny” Triplett – Board Member Emeritus
U.S.M.C. retired, member of one of La Mott’s founding families

Dr. William L. West, Ph.D. – Board Member Emeritus
Former professor Pharmacology, Howard University Medical School

NOTE: Westbrook-RockHill Foundation directors do not receive compensation or expenses for their work as directors of the Foundation.


This Annual Report contains an overview of Westbrook-RockHill Foundation’s business as well as information regarding the Foundation’s operations during 2015 and other information the readers of our website,, may find useful.


The website supported by the Westbrook-RockHill Foundation is a non-commercial site that delivers, without charge to its readers, information about a historic area in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The site delivers a broad portfolio of information to users in the education, genealogy, military, general population and to historical societies around the world.

As of the close of our fiscal year on December 31, 2015, we had no full-time or part-time employees. All administrative work required to maintain the website is outsourced to independent contractors or businesses. Our principal executive and editorial offices are located at 1831 Chelsea Road, La Mott, PA 19027-1057, telephone number; (215) 635-5909.


The website services deliver at no charge to users a non-commercial, workplace (desktop or laptop) Internet history site that enables users to obtain, and print out information about the Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania area with special emphasis on the La Mott section of that township. Those interested in Civil War genealogical research may review a searchable database of the soldiers trained at Camp William Penn and the officers who were responsible for that training. Throughout the site hyperlinks are used to verify and expand the information presented. Information is continually updated to remain current with new research or events of the day.

The infrastructure of website services includes a Managed Server (Shapiro Web Design, LLC) that combines Internet hosting and application hosting into packaging that spans the data center. The company provides a fully managed suite of enterprise-wide services for storage management, information protection (backup and recovery) and information optimization (archival services) from the data center to the desktop.

Research and editorial services are led by Board Director, William F. Chambrés and are supported by dedicated independent clerical consultants under our contracted direction and computer programmers who are attached to Shapiro Web Design, LLC.

A sub-division of the Website Services Section is the Application Section. This section helps organize and plan self-contained packaged divisions of the website. These divisions are reflected on a “geographical spreadsheet” that is used for the insertion and planning of information to be added to the website.


Expense Category Amount
Accounting Services Donated
Advertising $0.00
Computer Programs $74.95
Computer Upgrades  $0.00
Consultants $287.50
Domain Registration  $30.00
Donations (Gifts) $50.00
Internet Hosting $903.28
Licenses and Permits  $0.00
Memberships & Dues $207.00
Office Supplies $525.62
Postal Express Services & Stamps $60.00
Promotion & Publicity  $0.00
Subscriptions $24.00
Telephone Service $361.08
Travel $0.00
Web site Development (Upgrade) $0.00
Totals $2,493.43
Donations $2,843.43
Difference #22 – #20 $350.00
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